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Make sure all your hard work on branding pays off.
Your social media pages can be very rewarding, driving traffic and conversions to your website. However, it’s also very challenging to stand out when you’re competing against other businesses and individuals for attention. You need to make sure that your content and marketing strategies are up to date and effective.
Having a strong presence on social media affects traffic, conversions and brand awareness. It’s also an important place where customers communicate with you. Making the best use of your social media platforms benefits you and your audience.
Here are the seven ways your brand can stand out on social media in 2019.
1. Use a content calendar to plan and schedule content
Many businesses still treat their social media content as an afterthought. Irregular posts, quickly-typed in content or just shares from other pages is very low-effort, and it shows. People will not pay attention to pages and profiles that don’t offer original and eye-catching content. You’re not making the best of social media pages if you’re only occasionally posting something because you’re waiting for inspiration.
You need to be proactive about your social media content by creating a content calendar. A content calendar is where you clearly map out for your social media for each day and even multiple times a day.
You can use a spreadsheet or work with paid content calendar tools online. All you need to do is have a clear idea of what you’re posting and when.
This gives you a clear idea of whether you’re posting a variety of formats such as videos, images and articles. It also ensures that you’re prepared for major holidays. You never leave your audience hanging when you have a content calendar. It also lets you see the big picture and if you’re on track with your social media goals.
2. Use interactive content
Content is at the core of a business’s online success. However, it’s harder than ever for good content to stand out. Users are more likely to pay attention to content when it creates interactivity.
Interactive content gets input from your audience. Users arent passively consuming content. They become part of creating it. You’ve already seen interactive content like polls, quizzes, contests and tests.
Adding interactive content as part of your social media content strategy is a powerful way to get more engagement. It creates personalized content for users and tells you more about user behavior and preferences.
You can use online tools to create interactive content. Interactive content includes interactive infographics, maps, graphs and charts, and educational video content. Interactive content is a growing trend in content marketing. Some 93% of marketers find interactive content effective. 88% of marketers will make up to 0% of their content interactive. Incorporating it into your marketing strategy will create more engagements for your business.
3. Create consistent aesthetics for your visual media
You can make your brand more recognizable and appealing by using a consistent theme across all your visual posts. Today, merely grabbing an image that suits your content and posting it will not have a strong effect. Using poor quality images can harm your brand.
You not only need to use good quality images, but you also need to make it consistent in aesthetics. You are more likely to be rewarded with followers and engagement by creating a brand aesthetic.
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