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Driving in the future Every new Tesla has state-of-the-art hardware as standard to enable autopilot functionality today and fully autonomous driving in the future. Software updates will expand and improve this functionality over time. Extended sensor equipment Eight cameras provide 360 ° all-round surveillance of the vehicle environment up to 250 m away. They are supplemented by twelve updated ultrasonic sensors. As a result, “hard” and “soft” objects can be detected at almost twice the distance (compared to the previous system) with significantly higher reliability.A forward-looking radar with improved signal processing penetrates thick rain, fog, dust and even vehicles ahead on redundant wavelengths in order to provide additional data about the surroundings. Telephoto lens forward camera Max. Distance 250 m Wide angle, main field and telephoto lens forward cameras Three cameras arranged behind the windshield ensure optimal recording of what is happening in front of the vehicle. They are mainly used for the early detection of objects (ie at a great distance). Wide angle A 120 ° fish-eye lens detects traffic lights, vehicles cutting in and nearby objects. This camera specifically supports low-speed maneuvers such as city traffic. Main field cameraCovers a wide range of applications. Telecamera provides a focused telephoto lens image of distant objects. The images from this camera are used in particular for high-speed maneuvers.

Tesla Deutschland Sale

Model 3 Performance with dual motor all-wheel drive
5,859 km
Demonstration car

1. 3.4 sec.
0-100 km / h
2. 261 km / h
Top speed
3. 530 km
Range (WLTP *)

€ 55,510
Base price: € 61,570
Special offer: -6,060 €
Includes taxes & fees
€ 100 deposit due today
Main features
1. Red multi-coat paint
2. 20-inch performance rims in gray
3. Premium interior completely black
4. Autopilot
5. Additional equipment “Performance”
6. Carbon spoiler
7. Performance pedals
8. Performance brakes
9. Heated front and rear seats
Limited warranty
4 years / 80,000 total kilometers
Limited warranty on battery and drive unit
8 years / 192,000 total kilometers
The warranties apply from the delivery date for the specified duration or mileage (whichever comes first). Learn more
Order & delivery – process
1 year premium connectivity trial
For more information on this Model 3, please call us.

* Values are based on tests of new vehicles in accordance with the WLTP standard. The range of the vehicle can vary due to the age and condition of the battery, vehicle configuration, driving style, environmental and weather conditions.

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