About – Triton 2.0 & The Future of OT Cyber-Attacks

About – Triton 2.0 & The Future of OT Cyber-Attacks

Key Takeaways
Leveraging machine learning and AI tools is now a feasible option for malware creators
Traditional security tools will fail to detect a next generation, ‘Triton 2.0’
attack, that can blend in to the native environment

Whilst offensive AI tools have limited access to data, defensive AI technology
has full visibility of the digital environment, giving it the upper hand in a new cyber arms race

Artificial intelligence is essential to defend OT systems

Over the last few years, cyber-attacks on Operational Technology have increased rapidly in frequency and scale.

As geopolitical tensions are reflected in cyberspace and attacker technologies become more advanced, the cyber-threat to critical infrastructure and other key operational systems is now front and center of national security concerns.

There is a new frontline in cyber defense where protecting against increasingly sophisticated attacks and anticipating future developments in attacker tradecraft is crucial.

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About – Triton 2.0 & The Future of OT Cyber-Attacks
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