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The science behind going fast.
Last November, Mercedes-AMG dropped a bombshell on the motoring world. Its AMG GT Black Series set a new production car lap record at arguably the most prominent location in the world for such achievements, the 12.8-mile Nordschleife loop at the Nürburgring. It’s a bombshell because the mighty Merc carries its engine in front driving just the rear wheels – a configuration completely different from previous record-holding machines.
In its announcement regarding the record, Mercedes-AMG offered details on the various suspension settings used for the record-setting lap. The new GT Black Series offers a plethora of adjustable components for the suspension and aerodynamics that are part of the factory stock package, but this new video from Mercedes Benz shares some additional behind-the-scenes gossip that contributed to the blistering 6:43.61 Nordschleife lap.
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For starters, we know the Black Series runs Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 R rubber, but they aren’t the same tires you can order for your car. Michelin created two sets specifically for the Black Series, and while the video doesn’t explain precisely what’s different about them, compound mixtures are part of the witchcraft. From the factory, the car is fitted with softer Cup 2 R Mercedes Original (MO) tires, designed for cooler climates. They heat up quickly and hold heat better, but they also wear quicker. Black Series owners can also purchase a set of Cup 2 R MO tires with a harder compound, which is better suited for warmer conditions.
Tires obviously make a huge difference in track performance, but aerodynamics do as well. The front splitter can be manually extended for track use, adding more bite for the front tires at speed. At the rear, the car’s dual-plyane spoiler is adjustable to three settings. These components were obviously dialed in for the record run, along with wheel camber, toe, ride height, and other suspension-related settings.
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