The Last 70 Years And New SEAT Leon Awarded A Five-Star Safety By Euro NCAP

As 2020 comes to an end, and despite the circumstances we were all faced with this year, we want to take the opportunity to celebrate 70 years of evolution and modernisation at SEAT. Over the years, we have launched a grand total of 75 models. As a tribute, we’ve put together a video to show the 48 fundamental models and how we have grown and adapted in the last 70 years. Watch video
New SEAT Leon awarded a five-star safety by Euro NCAP
The all-new SEAT Leon has been awarded a five-star safety rating from testing organisation Euro NCAP. The result is a demonstration of the work completed during the Leon’s development to create a car that delivers one of the safest vehicles on the market, especially as Euro NCAP’s testing methods have become even more challenging in 2020.
A key change for 2020 Euro NCAP’s testing procedures is the introduction of the moving barrier to moving car frontal crash test, replacing the moderate offset-deformable barrier test. The test helps the organisation to evaluate the protection of occupants inside the car, but also assesses how the cars’ front-end structurers contribute to.

That isn’t the only change in the testing procedure. Side impacts have been updated to include adjustments to the near-side barrier test speed and mass, increasing the severity of the test. And for the first time Euro NCAP evaluates far-side impact protection, focusing on driver protection and the potential interaction between driver and front seat passenger.
The all-new SEAT Leon is one of the first cars to face new, more demanding standards.
Euro NCAP has placed further emphasis on the latest generation of crash prevention and driver assistance systems and implemented new scenarios to rate AEB technology including back over situations and turning at a crossing. There is also a system to evaluate Driver Status Monitoring systems, designed to detect driver fatigue and distraction, as part of the Safety Assist assessment.
“We’re extremely proud that the new SEAT Leon achieved Euro NCAP’s top rating in its different variants – 5-Door and Sportstourer body types, combustion engine and PHEV powertrains-, by excelling through even the reimagined and incredibly challenging safety tests for 2020, a reflection of the emphasis we place on safety, and our openness to integrating the latest technologies, whether active or passive, to achieve this goal,” said Dr Werner Tietz, SEAT’s Vice-President for Research and Development.
Safety as part of its DNA.
A range of the latest safety systems based on a mixture of sensor data, allows the all-new SEAT Leon to see the road ahead like never before and, importantly, adapt to changing driving scenarios.
Systems including Autonomous Emergency Braking, Side* and Exit Assist*, Traffic Sign Recognition*, Traffic Jam Assist*, Light Assist* and Pre-Crash Assist*, work in unison to create a protective bubble around the vehicle and for occupants.
The Pre-Crash Assist system for example reacts in just 0.2 seconds should it detect an accident is about to happen – tightening the seatbelts, activating the hazard lights, rolling up the windows and closing the sunroof – helping protect the passenger compartment.
Add to these the integration of seven airbags, including a new standard front-central airbag, Front Assist with vehicles, pedestrians, cyclists detection, Emergency Steering Assist and Junction Assist, Lane Assist and Emergency e-Call and the all-new SEAT Leon delivers one of the safest vehicles available, even when faced with the new testing methods used by Euro NCAP.
The new standard front-central airbag prevents possible head contact between the driver and front passenger in the event of a side collision, for example.
In addition to detecting vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists, the Front Assist also includes Emergency Steering Assist and Junction Assist. During a Front Assist intervention, after the driver’s initial steering input to avoid an object, the Emergency Steering Assist makes targeted steering and braking interventions to help find an optimised evading trajectory.
The numbers prove the theory.
Both combustion engine and plug-in hybrid variants of the all-new SEAT Leon were tested by Euro NCAP, scoring highly in all areas: Adult Occupant 92%, Child Occupant 88%, Vulnerable Road User 71% and Safety Assist 80%.
Euro NCAP re-evaluates its testing practices every two year, and 2020’s are the strictest and most thorough to date, and SEAT is determined to continue to develop vehicles that excel during the tests, no matter how strict they become.
* optional equipment.

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Jukin Successful Media – TV, Mobile Devices or Incorporate The Content Into TV/Video Commercials


Vice President of Sales, East, John Taranto Shares His Narrative on Video Assets in 2020 and His Time With Jukin
Jukin Media

Today, we are joined by Jukin’s VP of Sales, East, John Taranto to talk about his substantial career working with media and how his vast amount of experience has helped him sharpen his skills as a thought leader and flourish in the media sales environment.
Can you tell us a little bit about how your journey with Jukin has been and how you ended up here?

My journey with Jukin so far has been fantastic. I have been in media for the past 20 years, mainly in the video space. My experience prior to coming aboard has prepared me for the challenges that Jukin faces in this ever-evolving market. It’s inspiring to be part of a company that is rooted in authenticity and is growing.
If your grandparents asked you what you do for work at Jukin Media, what would you tell them? (Please, spare no details).

That we are the Getty Images for content that is captured by real people in real-time. We’ve licensed over 50,000 pieces of video content that are categorized into several disparate channels but all have the common theme of authenticity. You can watch it on TV, your mobile devices or incorporate the content into TV/Video commercials.
Could you share something you’ve learned about yourself during your time as a part of the company?

I’ve learned that my experiences across the past two decades are relevant and can help shape how we will grow Jukin over the next several years.
Jukin is a fun place to work, what are some of your favorite memories?

So far it’s been all video so it’s really been limited to banter on our internal calls. The people here are genuinely good-hearted and fun to work with.
What are some of the common situations or misconceptions you deal with on a day to day basis?

That we are more than a licensing company. We are viewed as more of a creative company than a media company, which is good because we can control the narrative as we enter the minds of the media community.
Brands and agencies have had to be innovative in the way they reach consumers this year. What is a new trend in media and advertising that you’re excited about?

Three key points that we excel at- Authenticity in a post covid world, scale across multiple platforms, and turnkey solutions that don’t require heavy lifts or overly long timelines.
What’s the best career advice you’ve given to coworkers or other up-and-coming professionals?

Learn as much as you can about the industry. What sets you apart in this business is how much of a resource you are and not just the property you represent. Be your own brand.

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Home For Sale – 4113 Circletree Loop, Austin, TX 78731

Beautifully updated NW Hills single-story home on a quiet looped street! Enjoy a spacious front lawn then retreat to serene, private backyard oasis w/pool & huge covered patio. Spacious floor plan offers 2 masters or extra living, hardwood floors, beautiful kitchen with granite/stainless, 3 fully updated bathrooms, walk-in laundry/utility, large bedrooms, and an over-sized attached garage.

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About Mercedes-Benz X-Class Price & Specs – CarsGuide

• Ford updated the Ranger with an update for the 2018 model year, and this isn’t just because the current-generation PX model (otherwise known as the “T6”) has been around for seven years. The Ranger nameplate is heading back to the US after a seven year hiatus, with American-built examples to roll out of Michigan from mid-2018 as a 2019 model year. Aussie customers will be able to get their hands on the updated 2018 model from mid-year, including the all-new Ranger Raptor! The 2018 changes will be key in tackling fresh rivals like the Mercedes-Benz X-Class, plus existing foes like the Toyota HiLux and the Mazda BT-50.
Show more
• If the vehicle has been serviced at a Mercedes-Benz dealer, all the information about that history can be accessed online. Any dealer should be able to tap into that history file and tell you what you need to know. You can also establish (if you haven’t already) a `Mercedes me’ account via the factory website and this will enable you to check out the car’s entire service background. A dealer will be able to help you establish your Mercedes me account.
If you’re after an owner’s manual, there’s one included on the car’s hard-drive if the vehicle is fitted with the Mercedes Command system (which was standard on the Power trim level and optional on the Progressive) which you can access via the info-screen in the dashboard. Failing that, this link will get you top the relevant online subject matter

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Choose Your Carver Earth Product – Online Shop

The Carver is a 100% electric city vehicle for two people. Comfortable and also very nice to drive. The Carver combines the advantages of a car and a scooter in one. A driving sensation that is guaranteed to give you a smile.

Arrive at work rested and quickly in a striking vehicle? Then the Carver Sport is the ultimate city vehicle for you. Equipped with black rims, sporty seat covers and fast stickers, you will certainly stand out. Choose the ‘sport’ setting to accelerate faster and swing even brighter through the corner.

Options and specifications
A Carver Sport offers the following aspects:
• Adjustable driving modes: Standard, Comfort and Sport
• Sporty front and rear seat covers
• Black rims
• Sporty stickers
• To drive with an AM driving license
• Sound system with Bluetooth connection
• Space for two people
• 75 liters of luggage space
• Roll-up convertible top
• Charging cord of 2.7 m with 220V
Windscreen heating
USB input for your phone
Phone holder
Floor mats
Personal or business?

In addition to the option to purchase the Carver as a private individual, the Carver can also be purchased for business or on an insurance card (intended for people with a mobility impairment).
Business driving with the Carver
Are you a self-employed person or do you have your own company? Then it is advantageous to purchase the Carver for business. Discover the tax benefits of business driving with the VAMIL and MIA schemes, where the deduction options can run up to 80% of the purchase price. Read more about business driving with Carver.
Technical specifications
Top speed 45km / h
Maximum tilt angle 40 degrees
Range 100 km
Dimension 98cm wide
Ttop speed: 45 km / h
Acceleration: 0-45 km 8 sec
Range: 100 km

Battery type: Lithium
Battery capacity: 5.4 kWh
Charging time 80%: approx. 4 hours
Full charging time: Approx. 5 hours
Length: 289 cm
Width: 98 cm
Height: 149 cm
Weight: 330 kg
Max power: 2 x 2 kW
Max torque: 2 x 150 Nm
Vehicle Classification: L2e-P
Vehicle Type: Lightweight Electric Vehicle (LEV)

Dynamic Vehicle Control (DVC ) Tilting Technology Carver Cargo

Delivery in a busy city center is even easier with the 100% electric Carver Cargo
• 500 liters of cargo space
• 45 km / h (AM driving license)
• 100 km range
• Extra narrow cargo vehicle
• Option: Sound system
• Option: Floor mats
• Option: Phone holder
• Option: Adapter cable charging station
• Option: Rain cover
Buy now from 9.990, – *
Buy now from 9.990, – *
Lease from € 163 p / m*exclusive

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Online Shop For Solutions In Medical Technology – ZEISS

ZEISS VISUSCOUT 100 – Portable Fundus Camera
Product ID: 000000-2108-482
Simple, mobile retinal photography

Reliable detection and monitoring of retinal diseases is the key to high quality ophthalmological care and to maintaining your patients’ eyesight. The portable fundus camera VISUSCOUT ® 100 from ZEISS is your perfect companion for mobile retinal photography . The lightweight and compact design of the ZEISS VISUSCOUT 100 enables simple retinal examinations anytime and anywhere.

With the compact, robust carrying case, the ZEISS VISUSCOUT 100 can be easily transported. It fits easily into any practice facility. Thanks to the mode of operation without pupil dilation and the precise autofocus function, it is not necessary to drip the pupils further. A powerful battery provides additional flexibility. Images can be transferred immediately to a PC or a mobile device via WLAN. The ZEISS VISUSCOUT 100 is supplied with an ergonomic charging station. A slit lamp adapter is optionally available.
Price visible after login plus VAT.
The ZEISS VISUSCOUT 100 can be used in a variety of ways
> for preventive examinations and the documentation of retinal diseases such as diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma and AMD
> as an additional device for immobile patients
> for educational programs , mobile ophthalmological care and equipping branches
> for examining children
> for general consultations and home visits
> as a simple fundus camera for small practices with little space
> for medical professionals who are looking for a simple, inexpensive solution for fundus photography
High image quality and optional viewing software
Color and red-free images with a 40 ° field of view can be recorded immediately. The device meets all the relevant requirements for fundus cameras in accordance with ISO 10940. The ZEISS VISUSCOUT 100 also uses standard file formats so that images and videos can be viewed with conventional, widely used software solutions. In combination with the optional VISUSCOUT 100 viewing software, the device can be connected to a DICOM-based data management system such as FORUM ® from ZEISS. With FORUM you can access patient work lists and also transfer all examination data to a central archive.

Easy to use
The target finding on the screen and the integrated autofocus function enable easy operation of the device. Nine internal fixation LEDs help with the correct alignment of the patient and also facilitate the acquisition of peripheral images. Thanks to the battery operation, the handling of the device is not restricted by additional cables. After a short instruction, operating the ZEISS VISUSCOUT 100 is simple and straightforward. Examinations can be carried out quickly without having to move the patient. The device can also be operated by medical personnel, which enables inexpensive image acquisition before the ophthalmological examination.
The most important advantages for you and your patients
> High flexibility for mobile fundus recordings as required
> Easy acquisition of images and videos with an unexpectedly high quality for mobile devices
> Integration with data management systems based on the DICOM standard using the optional viewing software
> Easy to use , even for assistants and medical staff

Technical specificationsStandard scope of deliveryFurther information

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Amazing Of HofmanDujardin – Architecture and Interior design

HofmanDujardin,, CBRE, Enbiun, HofmanDujardin, i29, Linehouse, Mijksenaar, MOSS, ScholtenBaijings, StudioModijefsky, StudioRublek, UNStudio

Architecture is not about buildings, it is about people
Team HofmanDujardin
We are HofmanDujardin. We are architects who believe architecture is not about buildings, it is about people. Since 1999, we create dynamic spaces that work well and feel good. Our projects result from a unique and personal approach we call Shaping Intuition®, with a focus on the well-being of people in their surroundings. We create clear, inspirational and personal architecture of high quality which generates human intuitive wellbeing based on the values Spaciousness, Groundedness, Expression and Connection. We have gained wide experience in architecture, interior design and product design. Feel free to look at our work and contact us.

Interior design and workplace design Česká spořitelna campus Prague by by HofmanDujardin

Image ©Baumschlager Eberle Architects
HofmanDujardin is selected to design the interior of the new 80.000m² Česká Spořitelna Campus in Prague. The beautiful campus buildings are designed by the architects of Baumschlager Eberle Architects and Pavel Hnilička Architekti. Česká Spořitelna, the leading bank in Czechia, has the philosophy to guide people lifelong on the path to prosperity, and in this way contribute together to the prosperity of the whole country. HofmanDujardin translated the path of prosperity to an inspiring and inclusive journey from the welcoming ground floor until the rooftop terraces. The expressive social stairs and spacious voids lead all the Česká Spořitelna employees through a diverse landscape of collaboration and empowerment.
Our office is located in a 1000m² Office Villa in the east of Amsterdam. With an experienced, enthusiastic and powerful team of architects and interior designers, we put all our energy and effort in creating inspiring buildings and interiors. We merge the goals and dreams of our clients with our ideas of quality and create generous places to be.
Since 1999 we work on a large variety of projects. We gained experience in the realization of architectural projects, renovations, interior designs and product designs. Our clients include property developers, housing corporations, multinational corporations, law firms and private families. Currently we are working on projects in The Netherlands, Belgium, Monaco, United Kingdom, Switzerland, France and Germany. We are ambitious and motivated, if your required service is not listed below please don’t hesitate to contact us. We like to learn and broaden our horizon.
We create clear, inspirational and personal architecture of high quality which generates human intuitive wellbeing based on the values Spaciousness, Groundedness, Expression and Connection.
Strategy HofmanDujardin

The HofmanDujardin team is a multi-disciplinary international group of approximately 40 architects, interior architects, draftsmen and interns with different background and university education. In the studio we speak English, French, Portugese, Turkish, German, Dutch, Spanish, Italian and Chinese fluently. We can deliver our services in any of these languages. The office has a horizontal approachable organization….

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AMP Robotics – Enabling a World Without Waste Through Artificial Intelligence

AMP’s Core Technology — AMP Robotics

AMP’s Artificial Intelligence:
A Neural Network that’s Unmatched

Millions of parameters, superior accuracy
AMP’s proprietary AI technology is unmatched in the industry, using millions of parameters compared with a fraction of that for competing systems. AMP’s breakthrough AI platform, AMP Neuron, learns to recognize objects in the same way a human does, using computer vision to perceive objects and identify materials for recycling with an accuracy rate of 99%.
What is artificial intelligence?
Artificial intelligence (AI) is a collection of algorithms that enable a computer to learn from experience. It’s an approach to teaching machines to do what humans can do. Humans are adept at identifying objects from visual inputs, whether it’s an image or views of the real world, and it’s this ability that enables us to perform complex tasks—like sorting materials in a recycling facility.
Machine learning is a subset of AI; AMP’s technology is based on a type of machine learning known as deep learning. Neural networks are deep learning technologies where a system learns how to build patterns out of other patterns and perform a task by analyzing examples.
How does AMP apply AI?

AMP’s proprietary AI technology works by perceiving images of conveyor belts within recycling facilities. Looking for specific colors, shapes, textures, logos, and more to recognize patterns correlated with material type, our AI platform learns to identify objects in the same way a human does. It’s this ability to construct a “model” of an object using simple building blocks like material features that makes deep learning so powerful.
Our team of several dozen data annotators examines these images and categorizes the objects belonging to each material type through a proprietary tool AMP created to offer the most efficient annotation process in the industry. We then train our neural network by showing it examples of items belonging to each material category, each new image at our growing number of installations contributing to the strength and effectiveness of our machine learning algorithms within an ever-expanding dataset. A robot installation in a California sorting facility is helping robots in Colorado, Minnesota, Florida, or any other location become better at identifying items that can be recycled.

What’s AMP AI edge?
Behind our world-class technology is a team of machine learning experts with deep backgrounds in software development, and a passion for continuous improvement.
We don’t outsource AI development to third parties; it’s the core technology of our business that delivers industry-leading precision and effectiveness. Our short cycle between research and development and deployment means our customers benefit quickly from our enhancements.

Our system consistently achieves an accuracy rate of 99% on the material it positively sorts, outpacing the performance of competing technologies like optical sorters and those using near infrared recognition or hyperspectral cameras. With superior accuracy, Neuron is capable of recognizing the brand of packaging or even the SKU (stock keeping unit) on material targeted.
Our neural network operates with millions of parameters, compared with a fraction of that for competing systems. The algorithms behind our AI incorporate millions of image examples for training, along with some of the strongest computing power available. This translates to a more expansive “capacity to learn” for our AI platform—and provides the foundation for our unmatched neural network.

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New Home For Sale – 3840 Far West Blvd APT 109, Austin, TX 78731

This charming two-bedroom, two-bath condo in the heart of Northwest Hills is ready for move in. On the first floor in a gated community with a sparkling pool, the home is freshly painted in a soft grey with white trim, has granite counters, hard flooring, and other updates throughout. The living room has a cozy fireplace. A ‘bonus’ room off the master is perfect for work, study, or play. East-facing windows let the sunshine in and provide a treetop view. Refrigerator, washer and dryer (purchased in 2020) convey. The assigned parking spaces are #38 (covered) and (#30 uncovered.) This home is just blocks from the JCC, the HEB, the post office, exemplary Doss and Murchison schools, banks, CVS drugstore and local favorite eateries.

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Boeing C-17 Globemaster III – Boing Deutschland – C17

Boeing: C-17 Globemaster III

And Boing Deutschland – C-17

Always Dependable. Always Ready.
A high-wing, four-engine, T-tailed military transport aircraft, the multi-service C-17 can carry large equipment, supplies and troops directly to small airfields in harsh terrain anywhere in the world. The massive, sturdy, long-haul aircraft tackles distance, destination and heavy, oversized payloads in unpredictable conditions. It has delivered cargo in every worldwide operation since the 1990s.
Lifecycle Sustainment
Boeing has partnered with the U.S. Air Force on C-17 sustainment since the delivery of the first aircraft in 1993. With a focus on high performance at an affordable cost, Boeing provides sustainment and maintenance for global C-17 customers in eight allied countries. The C-17 fleet has a best-in-class combined dollar per flight hour and mission capable rate, performing at the highest level of readiness worldwide.
Under the Globemaster III Sustainment Program contract, Boeing is fully responsible and accountable for total weapon system availability executing program management, sustaining logistics, material and equipment management, sustaining engineering and depot-level aircraft maintenance. On-site base support includes personnel for base management and operations support, field services and engineering technical support and 24/7 base supply support for spares.
Train The Way You Operate
Boeing provides comprehensive C-17 Globemaster III training solutions for aircrews and loadmasters with advanced simulation, courseware and computer-based training. C-17 operators can practice the complete range of tasks required for tactical military airlift operations and humanitarian missions, along with rehearsal of other scenarios such as aerial refueling and emergency procedures.
Enduring Capabilities

Enduring performance
For more than a decade, Boeing’s C-17 support team has reduced support dollar per aircraft by 40% while maintaining a best-in-class mission capability rate of 85% or greater.

Aircrew & Maintenance Training
Boeing provides comprehensive training solutions for aircrews and loadmasters with advanced simulation, courseware and computer-based training.

Swipe to Learn More >

Short Takeoff, Shorter Landing
With a payload of 164,900 pounds, the C-17 can take off from a 7,000-foot airfield, fly 2,400 nautical miles, and land on a small, austere airfield of 3,000 feet or less.

Heavy Lifting
The C-17 carries a cargo of wheeled U.S. Army vehicles in two side-by-side rows, including the U.S. Army’s main battle tank, the M-1.

Payload Drops
The C-17 is able to drop a single 60,000-pound (27,216-kilogram) payload, or sequential payloads that add up to 110,000 pounds (49,895 kilograms).

Elbow Room
The C-17 fits more than 100 soldiers in its cargo hold, with space for 54 on the sidewalls and 48 in the centerline.

Short Takeoff, Shorter Landing
With a payload of 164,900 pounds, the C-17 can take off from a 7,000-foot airfield, fly 2,400 nautical miles, and land on a small, austere airfield of 3,000 feet or less.
C-17 Globemaster III Technical Specifications
• External Dimensions
• Seating
Centerline (stored on board)48 (in sets of six back-to-back, 8 sets)Palletized 80 on 8 pallets, plus 54 passengers on sidewall seats
• Cockpit
Flight crew 2 pilots
Observer positions 2
Instrument displays 2 full-time all-function head-up displays (HUD), 4 multi-function active matrix liquid crystal displays
Navigation system Digital electronics
Communication Integrated radio management system with communications system open architecture (COSA)
Flight controls system Quadruple-redundant electronic flight control with mechanical backup system

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