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Here are just 5 of many social media strategies that you can use to build your personal brand. These 5 were chosen for this list because they will get you off to a running start. Especially if you run things on your own, it can be difficult to maintain a whole bunch of marketing activities and still have time to do actual work. These 5 can bring you a lot of value for less time spent.
(1) Post Daily
The first of these 5 vital social media strategies is simple – daily updates. All you need to do is post something every day. They can be stories and personal images on Facebook and Instagram, and a tip or quote on LinkedIn and Twitter.
The point is to make your presence known every day on every channel you use. It’s therefore best if you can use all the available avenues on these channels. For instance, add both a story and a post on Facebook with an image instead of just doing one of these. The more you do, the faster you build your personal brand.
When you post daily, you become more visible on all these channels. This makes it more likely that your target audience will see you. This is the first step to building a following. Daily posting also gives you the chance for your targets to get to know you. No one wants to interact with a faceless business entity – it’s cold and unattractive.
(2) Use Video
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On top of text and images, you need to use video content. Video is a very powerful tool for engagement. Most people are visual and prefer to receive information this way because it’s easier to digest. Those who can’t spend focused time reading or watching also benefit from video. They can listen while doing other things and still absorb the information.
Set aside time to plan out your video content. Stay with the goal of building your personal brand, but without self-promotion. List out topics that showcase your expertise, but make providing value the focus of each episode.
Aim to record short clips (around 30-40 seconds long) that you can string together or post separately. Different video lengths work best for different channels, and this allows you to record just one version for all channels. Alternatively, you can record longer videos for YouTube or Facebook then re-record shorter versions or cut clips from them for other channels then direct them to the longer version if they want more.
If you’re not used to doing videos, do a few practice runs in front of the mirror or a group of friends to get feedback on your presentation. Remember that you are building your personal brand and allowing people to get to know you. You need to show your face, be personable, and project confidence. The same goes for all the other social media strategies.
(3) Contribute Value
Possibly the most important of all social media strategies is this: When you engage, it needs to provide value. You can’t just hang around different groups chiming in here and there for the sake of saying something. You don’t want to be tagged as a loafer, or worse, a nuisance or a spammer. What you do want is for your personal brand to be associated with genuine intelligence and skill.
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