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Architecture is not about buildings, it is about people
Team HofmanDujardin
We are HofmanDujardin. We are architects who believe architecture is not about buildings, it is about people. Since 1999, we create dynamic spaces that work well and feel good. Our projects result from a unique and personal approach we call Shaping Intuition®, with a focus on the well-being of people in their surroundings. We create clear, inspirational and personal architecture of high quality which generates human intuitive wellbeing based on the values Spaciousness, Groundedness, Expression and Connection. We have gained wide experience in architecture, interior design and product design. Feel free to look at our work and contact us.

Interior design and workplace design Česká spořitelna campus Prague by by HofmanDujardin

Image ©Baumschlager Eberle Architects
HofmanDujardin is selected to design the interior of the new 80.000m² Česká Spořitelna Campus in Prague. The beautiful campus buildings are designed by the architects of Baumschlager Eberle Architects and Pavel Hnilička Architekti. Česká Spořitelna, the leading bank in Czechia, has the philosophy to guide people lifelong on the path to prosperity, and in this way contribute together to the prosperity of the whole country. HofmanDujardin translated the path of prosperity to an inspiring and inclusive journey from the welcoming ground floor until the rooftop terraces. The expressive social stairs and spacious voids lead all the Česká Spořitelna employees through a diverse landscape of collaboration and empowerment.
Our office is located in a 1000m² Office Villa in the east of Amsterdam. With an experienced, enthusiastic and powerful team of architects and interior designers, we put all our energy and effort in creating inspiring buildings and interiors. We merge the goals and dreams of our clients with our ideas of quality and create generous places to be.
Since 1999 we work on a large variety of projects. We gained experience in the realization of architectural projects, renovations, interior designs and product designs. Our clients include property developers, housing corporations, multinational corporations, law firms and private families. Currently we are working on projects in The Netherlands, Belgium, Monaco, United Kingdom, Switzerland, France and Germany. We are ambitious and motivated, if your required service is not listed below please don’t hesitate to contact us. We like to learn and broaden our horizon.
We create clear, inspirational and personal architecture of high quality which generates human intuitive wellbeing based on the values Spaciousness, Groundedness, Expression and Connection.
Strategy HofmanDujardin

The HofmanDujardin team is a multi-disciplinary international group of approximately 40 architects, interior architects, draftsmen and interns with different background and university education. In the studio we speak English, French, Portugese, Turkish, German, Dutch, Spanish, Italian and Chinese fluently. We can deliver our services in any of these languages. The office has a horizontal approachable organization….

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Contemporary Houses That Everyone Will Like

When we talk about contemporary design, we immediately think about design with simple clean lines, strong colours, sometimes with minimalist decorations. Contemporary design is very popular nowadays, because of its simplicity and beauty. Elegance and simplicity must come to the fore. In addition to well-chosen material for building and making furniture, it is very important and the layout of the rooms, then good lighting and the large windows.

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