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Event description
Screening 80s & 90s Thanksgiving episode of TV sitcoms with contests + more!
Tired: Watching reruns of old 80s + 90s sitcoms on late night television. Wired: Watching those same sitcoms with a group of internet strangers while everyone laughs, drinks and reminisces together! It’s a TV Party, everyone!
This year, we’re thankful for Thanksgiving episode of classic sitcoms with all your favorite characters at the table stuffing their faces with food, watching football, having lively family debates, realizing they didn’t defrost the turkey, and more holiday fun!
– Contests & Prizes! Compete in 90s TV Trivia, Name That Sitcom Theme Song and other fun games to determine which shows we watch!
– Comedic commentary and more! Plus we’ll keep the chat open throughout the film so everyone can share their thoughts and reminisce about classic TV together.
*This show is intended for an adult audience. MATURE LANGUAGE

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SecretFormula brings nostalgia to life for your entertainment. We produce group singing dance parties with your favorite music videos subtitled for the whole crowd to sing along with (SecretFormula Sing-Alongs); cartoon and cereal celebrations with cereal-infused cocktails, live comedy and contests featured in Time Magazine (Spoons, Toons & Booze); and themed pop culture, TV, movie events and more!
We’ve been building community, creating interactive experiences and leading the charge on the retro renaissance since 2009…time to experience the secret for yourself.

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